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Overcoming by Cheriza van Schalkwyk


Cheriza, born in Windhoek, but raised by her single mother in her mother’s hometown of Upington, Northern Cape, musters up her courage, which has taken years to build, to share her life experience.

A story of financial struggle, family rejection, disappointment in love, and a battle with mental illness. Leaving Upington to move to Johannesburg after finishing school, Cheriza is catapulted into a series of unpleasant encounters, unemployment, love and desire, and meeting people that would impact her life forever. Cheriza spills her darkest thoughts, her moments of hope and her newfound strength to tackle another day, and her journey to building a successful life for her and her daughter.

Cheriza hopes her story will be a lesson to young women and to provide assurance that with dedication and self-love, you can be independent and unstoppable.



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