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Breath – Ruth Joubert

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Breathe is a meditation journal guide based on the practice of meditation and breathwork. The journal is not about teaching someone how to meditate, but rather a record-keeping guide of your meditation and breathwork experience. The journal is set over a 90 day period and contains 9 sections that speak to different mindful experiences. For example, there is a section titled Surrender, that encourages you to accept your emotions and experiences and surrender to them. Choose Joy, Solitude, Grow in Grace are just a few of the sections. Each section starts with an introduction and what the lesson for the week with be. Each day the reader can journal about what they are grateful for, their day’s biggest win, and what their expectations are for the next day. Ruth provides breathwork guidelines; how to sit and how to do the breathing exercise. Along with the breathwork, there is a daily affirmation.

The journal also contains a sheet of stickers to keep the reader engaged and adds an element of fun.

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