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Hope After Loss – Nanki Robbertse


Suffering the loss of a baby is a devastating and lonely experience. Society does not know how to approach parents after their loss, and parents often feel misunderstood and not comfortable expressing their grief. This book is written to assure parents they are not alone and what they are feeling or experiencing is not pathological.

The book is written to encourage and guide parents to grieve the loss of their baby in a healthy way and not to suppress it or shy away from it. The writer shares her personal experience, and she gives a biblical perspective on grief, including how to deal with other people who do not support their way of grieving.

Grief affects different relationships, including marriage, friends, family, and your relationship with God, which are all addressed in this book. Most of all, the book helps grieving parents gain a new, eternal perspective and to see God’s grace and the gifts of loss. When you read this book, a seed of hope will be planted that anyone can rise above their loss and that true joy and peace can be experienced with God’s grace and love.

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